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Dealing with every day stress: Part One

Dealing with every day stress: Part One

It is estimated that 60-90% of health care visits are caused by stress-related problems. It is natural for everyone to experience stress when faced with certain situations. Stress occurs frequently during a person’s daily activities and is often unavoidable– such as waiting in line, or dealing with an angry customer at work. How stress affects… Continue Reading

Ear Infections: What you need to know..

Ear Infections: What you need to know..

The Statistics.. • Ear infections are the most frequent primary diagnosis made at visits to U.S. physician offices by children less than 15 years of age. • Almost half of all children will have at least one middle ear infection before they’re 1 year old • From 1975-1990, office visits for otitis media increased by… Continue Reading

The Perfect Balance

Our multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to patient care is innovative and relevant in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. We provide a program of care designed to improve physical function and alleviate pain by bringing together a team of specialized rehabilitation professionals.


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