The hip flexors are a group of muscles that are found deep in the abdominal cavity and are some of the strongest muscles in your body. Your hip flexors connect your leg to your pelvis and abdomen and are responsible for flexing your hip (raising your thigh upwards). These very important muscles have a tendency to become short and weak from sitting for prolonged periods of time. Short and weak hip flexors can lead to back pain and increased risk of lower extremity injuries.

Try this stretch daily to keep your hip flexors long and strong:


*Photo courtsey of MedBridge

Stand with one foot on a sturdy chair. Keep your trunk upright as you lean your whole body forward. You should feel a strong but comfortable pull on the front of the hip of the leg that is on the floor. Hold 30 seconds, perform 2 repetitions on each leg.
If you feel your hip flexors are already tight and weak call us to schedule an evaluation.