Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a condition that affects the hand and wrist, causing pain, numbness, and tingling. It is caused by the compression of the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. CTS is a common condition, and according to the American College of Rheumatology, it affects about 4 to 10 million Americans.

Symptoms of CTS can range from mild to severe, and can affect the ability to perform everyday tasks such as typing, gripping objects, or holding a phone. While there are several treatments available for CTS, ultrasound therapy is emerging as one of the most effective treatment options.

Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves the use of high-frequency sound waves to stimulate the affected area. It can help reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote healing. Here are some of the benefits of ultrasound therapy for CTS:

  1. Non-invasive: Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive treatment option, meaning it does not require surgery or other invasive procedures.
  2. Safe: Ultrasound therapy is generally considered safe and has few side effects.
  3. Effective: Studies have shown that ultrasound therapy can be an effective treatment option for CTS, with many patients experiencing significant improvements in symptoms.
  4. Customizable: The intensity and duration of ultrasound therapy can be customized to meet the specific needs of each patient.
  5. Cost-effective: Ultrasound therapy is a relatively low-cost treatment option compared to other treatments for CTS.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of CTS, it’s important to seek medical attention to determine the best treatment options for your specific condition. While ultrasound therapy is a promising treatment option, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Your healthcare provider can help determine the most effective treatment plan for you.  Please contact our office if you have any questions about this treatment or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss you best path to living pain free.