Physical Therapy FAQ’s:


  1. What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine. The goal of physical therapy is to  help patients reduce or eliminate pain, and improve their physical abilities.

  1. What conditions can physical therapy help with?

Physical therapists are trained to treat a wide variety of conditions including joint pain, muscle pain, strains and sprains, balance difficulties, gait abnormalities, dizziness, sports or other injuries and pre and post surgical conditions.

  1. What occurs during a physical therapy session?

On your first visit your therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation to fully assess your condition. Treatment will also begin on your first session. Treatment will be tailored to your specific needs, and may include manual therapy (soft tissue or  joint mobilization), exercise, education regarding activity modification and posture, heat or ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and instructions for a home exercise program.

  1. How long does each session last?

On average each therapy session will be 30-60 minutes. At Advanced Health and Physical Therapy Solutions we provide one on one treatment and you will see the same therapist at each visit.