A persons reaction to injury or pain is physical, psychological and emotional. Two people who present with the same injury can have very different reactions to their situation depending on how they perceive the factors involved in the healing process. Understanding that injury or pain can create more than a physical problem may help you to deal with your situation in a more positive way and improve your outcome.
Factors influencing response to injury or pain:
• Psychological– Pre-existing stress or anxiety can make even a small injury seem very severe.
• Financial– Concerns about the costs you may incur due to your condition..
• Social–Lack of a support system of family or friends may make coping with your situation very difficult.
• Logistical– Finding time to fit in doctor visits or rehabilitation can be hard for many people who already have a busy schedule or have limited means of travel.

Tips for managing these factors:

• Psychological– Reduce stress through meditation or any means of relaxation that works best for you.
• Financial– Call your insurance company to get a good understanding of what you are covered for and what your out of pocket expenses may be. Talk to your doctor or therapist to ensure that they are in your network and getting the proper pre-authorizations if needed.
• Social–Reach out to family, friends or neighbors and explain your situation. Let them know what you are feeling and discuss any tasks that you require assistance with. Most people will be happy to assist you in any way necessary.
• Logistical– Although it may be hard to squeeze more commitments into your schedule keep in mind that most conditions will only interfere with your routine for a relatively short period of time.