Change is a necessary and important part of our everyday life. Change gives us the ability to adapt and without it, we simply would not exist.

There are many types of change, but for the purposes of this discussion let’s limit the term “change” to our health. Most people who come to our office do so because they want to change something about how they feel. Usually, it’s to correct a problem that has resulted in undesirable symptoms or dysfunction such as pain, numbness or weakness.

One important point to understand is that there are many variables that cause changes in our health. Those variables include things like diet, exercise and attitude. For those who have read my past articles, you might be seeing a common theme I have discussed many times before. That theme is what I term the “Triad of Health” which includes our Physical, Chemical, and Emotional health. It is imperative to address as many of those “variables” as you can in order to fully restore your health and your bodies ability to function.

When you choose to make a change in your health, you’ve decided that the way your body is functioning (how you feel) is not up to par with your expectations. BUT, going to a professional to help you with a problem is only half the battle. You must also choose to help yourself by addressing the three areas of health: your mental, physical and emotional health.

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